Candida Brady


“It was researching the work of some extraordinary people who have been dealing with the issue of waste for years that finally compelled me to make this film”

The British filmmaker and journalist’s work has taken her around the world. While working for the UK’s national press she reported on many leading events as well as initiating campaigns for legislative changes in animal trading and welfare. She formed Blenheim Films  with Titus Ogilvy and together they have produced and directed documentaries on a variety of subjects including a ten year project following a breakthrough treatment for HIV and AIDS. In 2009 Brady produced and directed Madam and the Dying Swan with Titus Ogilvy, a film that rediscovered the lost steps and unseen footage of ballet’s most revered solo, Anna Pavlova’s Dying Swan, which  premiered at the British Film Institute in August 2012 and was bought by SKY Arts.

In 2012 Candida completed her first feature length documentary, TRASHED, following Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons on a world tour as he discovers the pressing issues surrounding waste and sustainability. The film score for the project was composed and performed by Academy Award winner Vangelis. Her feature film Urban and The Shed Crew debuted at Newcastle International Film Festival in 2018, where Richard Armitage won Best Actor and the film won the People’s Choice Awards. You can read more about it here

Candida has been working on four new projects and is due to start filming on her latest in Sept 2018.